Nate's Nice Tips

  • Each tea is unique and may contain subtle differences in flavor that change depending on the origin of the tea plant. The processing of the picked leaf will also affect the flavor profile.
  • Nice Tea is brewed to be drank at room temperature but can be served on ice. Think whisky on the rocks. The tea can also be served hot but will be much stronger than a traditional cup of tea. Nice Teas contain caffeine and serving size will depend upon method of preparation.
  • Tea sediment is natural, especially with Assam tea and white tea. Before opening, invert the jar a few times to mix up the tea particles.
  • Traditionally these teas are enjoyed unadulterated, with the exception of the Assam which can stand up to both milk and sugar. That being said, “Drink it how you like.”
  • Nice Tea should be consumed within 7 days of opening. Flavor profiles may change over time as the tea settles once it’s been opened.
  • Nice Teas should not be refrigerated as green and white teas lose their flavors after refrigeration. If refrigerated, the tea may appear cloudy; this is natural as some of the tea particles are not soluble at lower temperatures)