Nate’s Nice Tea is brewed with tea leaves and spring water. The leaves come from around the world as different regions produce their own uniquely nuanced tea. A buttery white tea from China melts in your mouth while a brisk black tea from India tingles your tongue. The tea plant’s origin as well as the oxidation and processing of the picked leaf influence the flavors in each bottle of Nate’s Nice Tea.

Green Tea

Lung Ching, China

Roasted chestnuts and spring grass blend beautifully as the sweet vegetal finish ices the cake.

Sencha, Japan

Vibrant, meaty body of steamed greens with a subtle, sweet lemony finish.

White Tea

Pai Mutan, China

Light, refreshing body of roasted summer squash with a mildly sweet honey finish.

Black Tea

Assam, India

Brisk, malted body with a dry finish of molasses and a hint of dark chocolate.

Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Fruity, floral body that moves towards a roasted bittersweet finish.

Keemun, China

Smooth, smoky body finishing with hints of cocoa and a touch of tobacco.